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I'm going to show you how to internationalize your graphics using inkscape and the gnome desktop Buy Prozac no prescription, .

chrome text with caption

Prior Considerations

Translations are always going to be variable length, australia, uk, us, usa. Comprar en línea Prozac, comprar Prozac baratos, What might look short and snappy in Simplified Chinese may be a whole sentence to explain in Brazillian Portugese.

For this reason you should create designs with generous amounts of space around your words, order Prozac online c.o.d. Online buy Prozac without a prescription, With SVG you may need to define a flowtext region. This is done in Inkscape by selecting the text tool and dragging, buy Prozac no prescription. Centering text also works a treat, buy Prozac no prescription. Prozac trusted pharmacy reviews, We're going to be creating .po files for translation without the need of opening the entire SVG XML or editing with inkscape. If you work with a translation community, buy Prozac without a prescription, Buy Prozac online cod, this is much more considerate than throwing them headfirst into a text editor or inkscape.

Right, purchase Prozac online, Order Prozac no prescription, so here we go

Say we have a web graphic, a presentation, where to buy Prozac, Where can i buy Prozac online, an advertisement, diagram whatever, Prozac samples. Buy Prozac no prescription, We're going to translate it into 23 languages and walkaway unharmed. Order Prozac from United States pharmacy, Something to avoid is duplicating editable text.

You might want a drop shadow, blurred mask or some other effect layered above or behind your text, canada, mexico, india. Buying Prozac online over the counter, If so, make sure you clone (<use>) and not copy, buy Prozac online no prescription. Buy cheap Prozac, You may be getting free translations from the community, it helps to not make them type the same phrase over and over again, Prozac gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Order Prozac online overnight delivery no prescription,

xml2po to the rescue

gnome-doc-utils sure is a beautiful package. The awesome GNOME developers have created a tool that will pull strings of text from your xml document and issue them as strings in a pofile, buy Prozac no prescription.

Here is a test file for you to use for this exercise, where can i find Prozac online. Where can i order Prozac without prescription, Make sure you right click the link and select "save link as".

xml2po -a -o en-US.po chrome.svg

Create locale specific po files

We're just going to copy the upstream po file and rename it as per each locale, Prozac from canadian pharmacy. Fast shipping Prozac,
cp en-US.po as-IN.po
cp en-US.po bn-IN.po
cp en-US.po de-DE.po
cp en-US.po es-ES.po
cp en-US.po fr-FR.po
cp en-US.po gu-IN.po
cp en-US.po hi-IN.po
cp en-US.po it-IT.po
cp en-US.po ja-JP.po
cp en-US.po kn-IN.po
cp en-US.po ko-KR.po
cp en-US.po ml-IN.po
cp en-US.po mr-IN.po
cp en-US.po or-IN.po
cp en-US.po pa-IN.po
cp en-US.po pt-BR.po
cp en-US.po ru-RU.po
cp en-US.po si-LK.po
cp en-US.po ta-IN.po
cp en-US.po te-IN.po
cp en-US.po zh-CN.po
cp en-US.po zh-TW.po

Translate the po files

kbabel or gtranslator are the apps of choice for many open source translators. Buy Prozac no prescription, They will open up your pofiles and give friendly preview of only the text strings in your SVG and nothing else.
gtranslator screenshot
A word of warning. The depth of text in your SVG reflects the order the strings will appear in your pofiles, buy generic Prozac. Kjøpe Prozac på nett, köpa Prozac online, This means you may confuse the logical flow of text by arranging text above or below shapes. Text sent to the bottom depth is displayed at the start of the generated pofile, ordering Prozac online. Rx free Prozac, Another word of warning to your translators

That "image/svg+xml" string you see at the top of each pofile is unfortunately pulled into your pofiles via xml2po and shouldn't be translated otherwise you may break the validity of your SVG.

Time to merge translated pofiles back into SVG

Once your pofiles are given the all clear from translators you can generate the translation changes back into svg files specific to their locale, buy Prozac no prescription.
xml2po -a -p en-US.po chrome.svg > chrome-as-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p as-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-as-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p bn-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-bn-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p de-DE.po chrome.svg > chrome-de-DE.svg
xml2po -a -p es-ES.po chrome.svg > chrome-es-ES.svg
xml2po -a -p fr-FR.po chrome.svg > chrome-fr-FR.svg
xml2po -a -p gu-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-gu-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p hi-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-hi-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p it-IT.po chrome.svg > chrome-it-IT.svg
xml2po -a -p ja-JP.po chrome.svg > chrome-ja-JP.svg
xml2po -a -p kn-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-kn-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p ko-KR.po chrome.svg > chrome-ko-KR.svg
xml2po -a -p ml-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-ml-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p mr-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-mr-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p or-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-or-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p pa-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-pa-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p pt-BR.po chrome.svg > chrome-pt-BR.svg
xml2po -a -p ru-RU.po chrome.svg > chrome-ru-RU.svg
xml2po -a -p si-LK.po chrome.svg > chrome-si-LK.svg
xml2po -a -p ta-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-ta-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p te-IN.po chrome.svg > chrome-te-IN.svg
xml2po -a -p zh-CN.po chrome.svg > chrome-zh-CN.svg
xml2po -a -p zh-TW.po chrome.svg > chrome-zh-TW.svg

Now you have a directory of svg images the same as your upstream, Prozac price, coupon. Buying Prozac online over the counter,

Export Images

If you are working with an environment that deals with PDF's, you may want to ignore this step, buy Prozac without a prescription. Prozac price, coupon, SVG's are best sent through things like Batik when using FOP to create a pdf rather than rendered PNG for obvious reasons (vector=love)

If you are exporting to web or something else and want to be friendly to software that cant read your Inkscape crafted SVG:
This is the step for you.

for i in *.svg;do inkscape -e "${i/.svg/.png}" "$i" ;done

Compressing PNG's

Of course on the web every byte counts ;-) pngcrush will give you the best file size without losing a pixel, online buy Prozac without a prescription.
for i in *.png;do pngcrush -brute -d tmp "$i" ;done; mv -f tmp/* .; rm -rf tmp




Benefits of using this technique...

If you are a creating technical illustrations or diagrams you may want to alter your upstream version (In this case: en-US Buy Prozac no prescription, ) as the conceptual changes. Purchase Prozac, Thankfully xml2po will regenerate translations from upstream regardless of new objects you create, styles you change or transformations you make to your original, buy no prescription Prozac online. This is wonderful for when management ask for their illustrations to be larger and changed to cornflower blue. More on automating that sort of thing across a set in a later post.


My good mate prokoudine has ported this article to RU .

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